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In December 2013, twelve governors signed a letter addressed to American energy policy leaders announcing their support of the States First Initiative. "The states’ ability to design effective regulations that reflect state-specific needs is a vital element in the resurgence of our nation’s oil and natural gas industry," the letter stated. "We are proud of the job that state regulatory agencies are doing and want you to be aware of a new initiative, States First, that states are undertaking to continue their worldwide leadership as the laboratories of effective regulatory development."


Today state oil and natural gas regulators are actively involved in States First programs, working together to ensure America's energy future is bright.

Governor Sean Parnell

State of Alaska

Governor Phil Bryant

State of Mississippi

Lisa Ivshin, Executive Director

Mississippi Oil & Gas Board

Governor Jack Dalrymple

State of North Dakota

Governor Rick Perry

State of Texas

David Porter, Commissioner

Railroad Commission of Texas

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Governor John Hickenlooper

State of Colorado

Governor Steve Bullock

State of Montana

Tom Richmond, Administrator

Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation

Governor Mary Fallin

State of Oklahoma

Governor Gary Herbert

State of Utah

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Supporting Governors & Regulators

Governor Robert Bentley

State of Alabama

Nick Tew, Oil & Gas Supervisor

State Oil & Gas Board of Alabama


Governor Steve Beshear

State of Kentucky

Kim Collings, Director

Kentucky Division of Oil & Gas

Governor Brian Sandoval

State of Nevada

Governor Tom Corbett

State of Pennsylvania

Scott Perry, Deputy Secretary

Pennsylvania Office of Oil & Gas Management

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